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Return Policy

Many fundraising companies refuse returns, placing a huge burden on the customer. By contrast, our product is highly sought after and I will gladly take back returned cases in most instances. The following conditions apply:

  • Qualifying standard configuration yellow, purple and blue variety cases can normally be returned directly to me, your rep, since I can easily place those with other local customers.
  • With occasional exception, returns are only permissible if your original order was for 100 cases or more.
  • The cases must be unopened, undamaged, unmarked, and must not have been distributed past an original point of delivery storage location within a school building. Cases I accept as returns will be redistributed to other customers who will expect fresh, new cases that have been well cared for.
  • Cases that show any signs of a pest infestation (ants, etc) including the presence of a single ant visible on the cases are ineligible for return. Take caution to protect chocolate by keeping it off the floor and placing a few glue traps so that you will know if ants are present.
  • Cases must be returned within 30 days of their original delivery. If you’re a little past that window please call and I will help as circumstances allow.
  • Any prize cases you received will be counted against your return in a proportional manner. 
  • Remember, more chocolate can often be delivered the next day if you need it, so please aim to order only what you’ll be able to sell knowing you can get more if needed.