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Reward Shows

An exciting school show is a great way to motivate the students to sell their chocolate and raise lots of money. It’s also a perfect reward.

Here are some of our favorite school performers. Click the arrows below to expand for more information…

“My students were thrilled with the assembly. It is often difficult to entertain fifth graders in the same environment as the primary students. Your presentation was a great success for all grades. You had my students laughing and enjoying learning! Thank you for coming to our school. It was a real treat!”
J. Luerssen, Bren Mar Park Elementary

The Best School Magic Show Ever!

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to join James Wand on an exciting and hilarious adventure of magic and mystery.

Help James Wand solve clues and secret codes. Prepare to be amazed by the most incredible magic you will ever see.

James Wand has appeared on ABC, NBC, and Fox News. He has performed at the White House THREE times!

Grades K-6

In the Yuck Game Show, the audience is divided into two teams to compete in science games and big, highly visual science demonstrations, with the winning team’s captain getting the ultimate prize . . . SLIME!
In this hilarious, interactive show, students come up on stage for engaging activities ranging from blowing smoke rings across the room to making beach balls levitate in the air, to using scientific equipment to determine the winner of relay games, all leading up to the grand finale of the show, when the “winner” is covered in slime!
Grades K-8

“I was thrilled with the program. I thought it was very well done, and obviously Eric is gifted at communicating with kids on their level, but also making it fun for them. Overall I thought the program was fantastic!”

Wildlife On The Move presents fun and educational LIVE Animal Presentations featuring a variety of critters (Invertebrates, Reptiles, and Mammals) from around the world. 

Fun and fascinating! Wildlife On The Move is dedicated to helping kids become more knowledgeable about their natural world. Students will meet critters from all over the planet, allowing them the opportunity to explore culture, geography, and a variety of ecosystems.

“Bringing Science to Life,” Wildlife On the Move helps students at all learning levels develop a true appreciation for nature and foster a stewardship for the earth’s wildlife.

Grades K-8

“We had Professor Brainius out to our school and he did a wonderful job. Our students loved the interaction, they got to see some great science experiments!”
Laura Del Hierro, Anderson Elementary

The Professor’s show is the perfect formula for fun! It is built on a foundation of Physics and Chemistry along with additional elements of music, comedy, and positive educational messages.

The Professor demonstrates  experiments that are exciting and full of magic moments for the audience. With lots of group participation and volunteers your students will find a new appreciation of Science and their own curiosity.

The experience would not be complete without getting everyone up on their feet singing and dancing to one of the Professor’s positive and encouraging songs.

Get ready to say, “Eureka!” when you discover what a great decision you have made!

Grades K-8

They recommend up to 25 participants at a time in the game theater with a suggested time limit of 30 minutes. One adult associated with the school should plan to be near the trailer in case of emergency. Lightning or severe weather could cause a reschedule.

Grades K-12

Hilarious comedy magic show starring Christopher Lyle.

The show runs approximately 45 minutes and is chock full of visually stunning magic, age appropriate comedy, jaw dropping sleight of hand, puppetry, and the most amazing balloons you have ever seen!

Where hilarity and impossibility collide!

Your WFC rep can help you pick a great show for your school.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to schedule your show  since these popular performers book up quickly each school year!

Contact your WFC rep for more information.