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Wildlife on the Move

Contact: Eric Brittingham
Phone: (817) 239-2345
$390 for one show
$305 additional back-to-back presentations

“I was thrilled with the program. I thought it was very well done, and obviously Eric is gifted at communicating with kids on their level, but also making it fun for them. Overall I thought the program was fantastic!”

Wildlife On The Move presents fun and educational LIVE Animal Presentations featuring a variety of critters (Invertebrates, Reptiles, and Mammals) from around the world. 

Fun and fascinating! Wildlife On The Move is dedicated to helping kids become more knowledgeable about their natural world. Students will meet critters from all over the planet, allowing them the opportunity to explore culture, geography, and a variety of ecosystems.

“Bringing Science to Life,” Wildlife On the Move helps students at all learning levels develop a true appreciation for nature and foster a stewardship for the earth’s wildlife.

Grades K-8